100 Days of Useful Homesteading Skills: Day 16 – Fish, Clean, and Cook Fish

sea-dish-meal-food-mediterranean-produce-595967-pxhere.comIf you don’t eat fish this article might not appeal to you but if you do, or if you raise chickens, ducks, or pigs, it still might. Fish is a cheap and easy source of protein for a homesteader. It can also serve as a fun family outing, providing some much-needed time to get-away from the farm.

Even if you don’t eat fish, your chickens, ducks, and pigs will enjoy what you bring home, providing you with an inexpensive form of protein. If you are fishing for this purpose, I recommend fishing for whatever fish your state has deemed invasive and has set no limit on. In California most fish have limits but panfish like Bluegill generally have very high limits or no limits in most areas. We bring home even the smallest of these and don’t bother gutting them as we give them whole to our birds. Continue reading