100 Days of Useful Homesteading Skills: Day 18 – Build a Compost Bin

Full BinsCompost is not a dirty word. It is an essential building block on a homestead and if you have any vegetable matter or brown matter, you will want to make use of it to build the soil for your garden. All gardens and all animals create waste.

Even families who don’t garden or raise animals, create waste. Vegetable scraps, egg shells, leaves, grass clippings, all of this can be put in the compost pile if you don’t use them somehow as feed for an animal on your farm. Don’t forget to put those coffee grounds to work too (we usually save ours for an exfoliating coffee scented goat’s milk soap, another post for another time, but they are great in the compost bin too).

But there are tons of other places you can get compost materials from.

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