100 Days of Useful Homesteading Skills: Day 30 – How to Bake Without Power

e36acbd9e6ca0db91c099850bf2f26a0_bestWhen you live in the country, the power sometimes goes out. This almost always happens when it has been raining in the winter, it is cold, and you have a million things to do. You certainly don’t have time to figure out how to bake bread without an oven or electricity.

There are several different ways to bake bread without an oven. Solar ovens, flatbread in a pan over a fire, baking in a tin can over coals, and baking in a dutch oven are just some of the ways you can make your bread when you have no working oven.

Our favorite way is baking in a dutch oven. It is actually very simple and once you’ve done it you might wonder why you didn’t do it this way before.

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