100 Days of Useful Homesteading Skills: Day 35 – Make an Emergency Kit and an Emergency Plan

140529-F-IP756-012Fires, floods, earthquakes, and more are all things faced by people somewhere every day in the United States. For city dwellers, the process of evacuation is simpler, they may have multiple directions to take, multiple options for shelter, fewer animals to consider, and time to plan.

If you live in the country on a homestead, chances are there are not as many directions for travel, shelter options are limited (especially if you have livestock), you have many animals with diverse needs to consider, and you are often not warned until it is nearly too late.

You and your family members need to have go-bags prepared and in one location, ready to go if a fire, flood, or other natural disasters should strike. Make an Emergency Plan, sign up for emergency alerts on your home and cell phones, prepare a first aid kit, insure your property, and protect important documents.

Here’s what you need in your personal emergency kit (recommended by ready.gov): Continue reading