100 Days of Useful Homesteading Skills: Day 42 – How to Use Herbs as Medicine

herbs-2523119When homesteading, you are often very remote. This makes access to conventional Western medicine and doctors very difficult.

Some of us don’t mind that at all and prefer to treat with herbal remedies before resorting to conventional treatments. Some of us use herbal medicine out of necessity. Regardless of your reasons, knowing which herbs can help and which might hurt in certain situations is very helpful, if not a necessity on the remote homestead.

There are many excellent books and courses available to help you learn the basics. Growing your own herbs will help you have ready access to what you need. Learning local plants and their uses can also be of considerable use.

Here on our homestead, we have patched cuts and stings with plantain, treated sore throats with mullein, and Osha for chest congestion. All with very good results.

Make sure to get a very good book for you region is you plan to use native plants and take a class from a local expert. Pick up a book or two on herbal medicines for domesticated plants and start by just planting 3-5 of those that appear to be the most useful, adding a few more every season.

You’ll be glad you did.

What herbs have you used to aid in healing?

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