100 Days of Useful Homesteading Skills: Day 47 – How to Quilt

One of my earliest memories is of snuggling into my mother’s handmade quilt. It was a giant Texas Star made in muted earthy tones and it smelled just like her, warm sunshine and good dark earth.

We were homesteaders then, living in a little farm house in Oklahoma and I wanted nothing more than to be just like her when I grew up. To have a little farm with a huge garden, lots of land, a good nanny goat, and lots of warm, snuggly, handmade quilts.

Those days are gone now but in many ways I am a lot like her, I have a nice homestead with lots of land, chickens, goats, children, and plenty of snuggly warm machine made quilts. Yes, I made them myself. 

Nothing quite says “cozy loving homestead” quite like a quilt on the bed. They are a piece of Americana that continues to endure generation after generation and, with the invention on the sewing machine, are even easier to make than ever.

Quilting books and classes abound and there are about as many quilt patterns as there are quilters. From traditional rag block quilts to less traditional methods, there is a method or pattern available to you. You can even find old quilt fronts at yard sales, estate auctions, or antique stores and finish them up.

Machine quilting and easy quilting books abound as well, with many quilt designs that offer you the ability to complete a quilt in less than a day. One of our favorites for our children was a denim and flannel quilt we made for each of them out of their old jeans and flannel shirts. No batting needed!

Have you ever made a quilt? Show us your favorite!

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