Permaculture With Goats


Goats are often considered to be very destructive critters and rightly so. They are not grazers or lawnmowers as popular culture might have us believe, they are browsers and prefer the leaves and bark of trees and shrubs.

For some, this might be a bad thing. Who would want a goat nibbling on their prize rosebushes or freshly planted orchard? For others though, it is incredibly useful.

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Who We Are


Mother Udder Farm is a homestead established for the benefit of our children’s future. Everything that is eaten, sold or bartered is handled by our three children, with a little guidance by Mom and Dad. They are all learning the value of hard work and how to manage their resources, so that they can be good members of society and excellent stewards of our Earth.

​Together, our whole family is learning how to live more sustainably, to decrease our ecological imprint, and live in harmony with the land. Come join us on an UnforGOATable adventure!