100 Days of Useful Homesteading Skills: Day 36 – Make Your Own Soap

food-cheese-fudge-soap-hand-made-parmigiano-reggiano-588469-pxhere.comI won’t lye (pun intended) this one probably won’t save you money, but it will be fun, it makes nice gifts, and it is a good use for excess milk.

One of the things we always have a lot of on the homestead is goat milk. Sure we drink it, feed it to the chickens and the pigs, make cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. Still, we have a LOT of goat milk.

That’s where soap comes in. We make the extra milk into soap for ourselves, our friends, our family, and to barter with. Our favorite one to make is coffee soap. It gets rid of nasty odors like barnyard and fish guts. Plus it uses up another extra thing we have a lot of, coffee grounds.

That’s the recipe we’re going to share with you today.  Continue reading