100 Days of Useful Homesteading Skills: Day 17 – Haggling

hand-man-people-leg-finger-money-661535-pxhere.com.jpgHaggling, like bartering, is almost a lost art in the United States. In many countries, haggling is the norm but in the US it is often considered rude. Less so in non-traditional markets like yard sales, farmers markets, and swap meets but even in these venues you will find people very put off if you haggle with them.

That is if you haggle with them the wrong way. Haggling can be fun and playful it can also save you money.

You just need to know how to judge the person you are haggling with. Some people will not come off their prices even a little bit and will feel very offended if you haggle with them. Some are happy to deal with you and feel relieved to let go of their items, even at lower prices, so that they can make some money and get on to their next gig.

If you aren’t a great judge of character, that’s okay, you can still haggle just follow these tips.

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